8 track Days on 4 Tracks in 3 Countries !

The above map offers fantastic possibilities !


Every red marker represents a circuit. If you pass your cursor over it, the name of the circuit appears. If you click on the red marker, a window appears with links to all possible information about it : a routeplanner to and from, a description of the circuit, an overview of the lodging possibilities in the vicinity, the dates of our events on that circuit and a lot of pictures and videos of it.

Use - on the left side of the map - the vertical ruler to zoom in or out. Click on the map and drag it if the circuit disappears from the screen.

Use the buttons "Map", "Satellite" and "Hybrid" on the upper right side to choose the roadmap, the satellite picture or the combination of both.

More and more circuits are shown in high resolution and you can look at them in detail.

Click here for more details about the possibilities and the way to use this interactive map.

Have fun !