Organised by EYBIS

Friday - Saturday - Sunday 26 - 27 - 28 April 2013

Supported by SUZUKI Switzerland

Open for all motorcycle brands!

The practical guidelines on this page can still be changed.

So be sure to check it again shortly before the event !


This page can be found at all times on the menu-button "Practical" on our website.


TIP: click at the bottom of this page on "printer friendly version", print it and bring it to the event.


VERY IMPORTANT: be sure to have your "European Health Insurance Card" (EHIC) with you. By showing this card, people know that - in the domain of health (and accident) insurance - you are completely covered in your own country, and that every country of the European Union has to give you all the care you need.

If you have never applied for this card at your health insurance, ask for it:

  • immediately;
  • if you wouldn't receive it in time, ask them to mail to you a "Preliminary proof in replacement of the European Health Insurance Card" (= 1 page, and this can be done immediately);

At all insurance companies, you can ask for a list of the "Dangerous sports" that are excluded from any intervention "urgent care abroad". In general, "car / motorcycle / outboard motor races" are part of this list. But as we don't "race", our activity is not excluded from any intervention. Check your insurance if this is correct, and if not, be sure to be insured (for possible hospitalisation costs).


If you have a license of your national motorcycle council to race on a circuit, be sure to bring it.

Trip - Arrival - Access to the Paddock - Showers - Toilets - Electricity

The circuit of Magny-Cours is situated 15 km South-East of Nevers, the capital of the department Nièvre en Bourgogne:

Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours 

Rond Point Accueil Média / Technopôle

BP12 / 58470 MAGNY-COURS

GPS: N 46° 52,065' - E 003° 09,566

(click on the gps-coordinates for a satellite picture)


Here you can find an up-to-date weather map of Magny-Cours.

From Paris, there is still 2.30hrs of driving ahead.


The evening before our event - from 7 PM (19.00), no end time - you can join the paddock parking.

If this might be possible at an earlier time, this will be twittered. Click here if you don't follow EYBIS on Twitter yet !

You can stay the night on this gigantic space of 40.000 (!) square meters.

Showers (on parking P2), toilets, electricity and water connections are available.


From 7 PM, you can join your pitbox if wanted / rented.

Please come to box 44 for this first. More info about this under item 2.


You will find a predefined Routeplanner to Magny-Cours on our "TRACKS"-page (then, click on the red dot of Magny-Cours, and on the pop-up that appears, click on "To here").

Be sure to also try the zoom function on this page. Afterwards, at the right hand side on this map, you can choose for Vervolgens kan u rechts bovenaan op de kaart kiezen voor "Kaart" or "Satelliet". If you choose "Satelliet", you will see a very sharp aerial photo of the circuit.

Lodging - Pitbox(es) - Access to the Pitlane - Prohibitions

a. Lodging

An overview of the lodging possibilities can be found here.

b. Pitboxes

48 pitboxes of 48 m2 (12 x 4m) are available.

The keys of the boxes are available between 7.30PM (19.30) till 10PM @ the EYBIS tent / pitbox 44.

With the handover of the key, we have to ask you for a valid ID-card for bail.

You will get this back the last night, unless there would be damage in or on your pitbox.

The rental price of a pitbox is 175 € per day + 300 € bail (= 2011 amounts, so they could be a little different this year).

Payment has to be done directly - with VISA - to the responsible of the circuit in his office, accessible via the pitlane through the door underneath the podium.

c. Access to the Pitlane

For those who do not rent a pitbox, the pitlane can be accessed from the paddock via box 22.

d. Prohibitions

  • no drilling or knocking of holes in the ground (to fix your tent f.ex.)
  • no smoking in the boxes, in the pitlane and along the circuit
  • no unattended children in the pitlane
  • no animals allowed on the entire domain of the circuit
  • no "burn-outs", "wheelies" or "stoppies", on penalty of fine (imposed by the circuit) of 1.000 €

Administrative Formalities

a. Enrolments: in the EYBIS-tent / Box 44

See timetable.                                                            

(to bring: ID-card & 2 completed and signed parts of the waiver of liability)

  • Show ID-card & hand in 2 completed and signed waivers of liability
  • Receive:
    • Number and group sticker for on your bike
    • Black-white sticker with group letter for on your bike
    • EYBIS sticker set
    • BMW Motorrad Track Days flyer

b. Technical Inspection

The technical inspection will be done at random. Everybody is responsible for the good state of his own motorcycle. Pay special attention to the following :

  • Brakes, tires, oil leaks on crankcase and front fork
  • Noise : basically, a race muffler is allowed. Nevertheless, take your dB-killer or original exhaust (if you still have it). Noise is more and more becoming an issue and officially, at Magny-Cours, 102dB is mentioned since two years.
  • Equipment : moto boots, leather gloves, good fitted full face helmet, back protector and leather suit (one-piece recommended) are mandatory. If the leather suit is a two-piece, then both pieces must be firmly zipped together.

MANDATORY Briefing for everyone @ 8.30 AM @ the EYBIS Tent




Click on the timetables below to download them in .pdf and print them.

Tire service & Gasoline

  • Tire service: presence of tire service in box 37.

For info and tire ordering : + 33 6 75 13 80 31 (French)

  • Gas station present in the paddock.
Payment can only be done with a "carte bancaire internationale avec puce" (read : also with VISA ;-).
Just outside the paddock there is a carting circuit where you can also pay cash.


Meals & Drinks

Near the entrance of the circuit - on your right hand side - there's the "Grand Prix" Restaurant, which will be open from 12.00 till 14.00 every day.
There is also the "Grand Prix" bar in the paddock, which will be opened every day from 8.00 till 17.00.
They serve coffee, sandwiches, etc.

Circuit map

Click here for the official super-complete map of the Magny-Cours domain in high resolution !

Click on the map below for an overview of the F1 circuit only.


Click on the button "Printer friendly version" at the bottom of this page, print this document and bring it to the circuit.


If you have questions, do not hesitate to give us a call on + 32 476 691 091.